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I offer Tarot Card and Astrology / Horoscope Free Readings on this channel. Many of my readings are love tarot readings. I have over 22 years experience providing divination and oracle readings, most of which was honed for free. Magic and spells are something I focus on my second channel Veroosh Manifestation, which is a Magic fusion channel blending many occult and shamanistic traditions from around the world. There, I offer hypnosis and activated spellcasting through meditation. I created the Oracle Painting Method. This channel features Astrology, Tarot, Metaphysical discussion, celebrity readings, and more! This is for the purpose of spiritual and intuitive counselling / practice and spirit psychoanalysis. For fun and entertainment only. There are very strong spells cast in protection here as well as legal copyrights 2017. Do not cross them. Do not copy - ask and collaborate. White light to all, and may your light not bleed in the dawn of new days.

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